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Our Business Partners and Associates,

TM GROUP, whose roots were laid with the foundation of TM Engineering and Construction in 1995, has a strong and dynamic approach which has driven its expansion into a group of 8 associated companies, 5 Sectors and 10 Countries.

With our investments fostering the national development for more than 25 years, we strive to provide better and more services through our contributions to national economy and employment and foreign exchange inflow we achieve. 

Each member of the TM Family is committed to safety, high quality and good service. Together with this, all our work is approached with respect for the accumulation of knowledge, education, ethics and environmental values.​​​The company aims to be not only a leader in every industry it operates in, but also a pioneer, and also plans to repeat this success on an international level, turning into a global brand that will bring added value to our country though its achievements.

Any challenges we face in this long journey, which we pursue without compromising on our principles, staying loyal to ethical values and showing respect to environment and human, will make us much stronger and we will proceed on our way with determination by overcoming these challenges as it always has been. I believe that we will use efforts more than ever and preserve our unity to sustain our achievements.

With its commitment to operating standards, and together with its valued personnel who work in harmony like a huge family, I firmly believe that TM will reach all its objectives.

Taking this opportunity, we hereby thank all our members who have worked hard for over 25 year for their efforts and those who trusted and supported us.

Best Regards,


Chairman of Board

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