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Quality and Customer Satisfaction

TM GROUP has built its financial strength on national and international standards, legislation and regulations. It maintains its social, cultural, ethical and humanitarian values through product management and an effective approach towards processes, the continuous improvement of service quality, and the management of customer satisfaction together with their employees, customers, sub-contractors, partners, and shareholders.


Occupational Health and Safety and the EnvIronment

Through compliance with legislation and regulations, TM GROUP  aims to bequeath a livable environment for the next generation by identifying risks to occupational health/safety and the environment, managing risk and providing sufficient, healthy and secure resources and sub-structure for its employees, the efficient use of natural resources, and the prevention of pollution.


InformatIon Security: 

TM GROUP declares a commitment to the following issues;

Protecting customer corporate security and trademark image,

Protecting information with advantageous operational, strategic importance and limiting its availability to relevant personnel,

Protecting all information belonging to the partners and customers,

Providing compliance as defined by contract with third parties,

Providing the sustainable continuation of the main and support processes without unwarranted lapses.

SocIal ResponsIbIlIty and Employees

TM GROUP due to its awareness of social responsibility aims to participate in the society in which it operates beyond its commercial interests.This policy is manifested through its employees who have full awareness of the values being put forward through their work and the regulations to be followed. They adopt the company values as their own, work to solve problems, share knowledge, willingly participate in teamwork, aim to improve and are always ready to take part in every kind of physical, medical or mental challenge.

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