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Our ultimate aim as TM is to cause “Zero Harm” to the environment in all locations where we conduct our operations. To achieve this aim and serve relevant Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable future, we;

  • Assess the potential environmental impacts of our operations in advance,

  • Plan our operations considering the adequate mitigations for identified impacts, and recognize the organizational risks and opportunities as per relevant national and international standards and legislations,

  • Ensure our employees are trained and competent on environmental issues,

  • Train our interested parties when necessary and consult them when required,

  • Consider and keep track of energy management, emissions, natural resource consumptions, land management, water management & emissions, waste management, protection of biodiversity, climate change & carbon footprint with extensive care during our operations,

  • Conduct internal audits including our subcontractors and suppliers in regular intervals,

  • Are committed to conduct annual management reviews on our environmental management system to support continual improvement. Our environmental management system is regularly audited by third parties,

  • Are committed to report our environmental performance to stakeholders, interested parties and the public transparently through our company’s web site and other public reporting tools.

  • Design and execute the company owned investment projects in an eco-friendly perspective

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