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TM has been founded 1995. Saw the need, in the Turkish Republic’s growing economy, for facilities engineering and construction operations in the country. We had the vision of developing innovative engineering and construction solutions and services using world-class standards and with projects in Turkey and abroad.

In majority of projects, TM has performed design engineering, fabrication, construction and commissioning services with

in-house resources and on a direct hire principle, always with continuous focus on safety, quality and schedule, thoroughly understanding and aligning to the expectations of its customers. 

TM has delivered a range of significant urban development projects.The urban development projects we delivered are a demonstration of our commitment to bring communities and spaces back to life by not just creating the best buildings but creating the best places for living.

To date TM’s Building Works Business line has completed more than 70 projects in various countries.

In this business line, the expertise we deliver to our customers include;

  • Design

  • Master Planning

  • Design-build Project Delivery

  • Project Management

  • Procurement & Logistics

  • Project Controls

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Construction Management

  • Testing & Commissioning

  • Operational Readiness Planning


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