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TM GROUP has adopted this Code of Conduct in order to describe the standards for TM, Group Companies and its employees must meet. TM GROUP involves these companies below: (Hereinafter referred to as “TM”)

The code defines what TM expects of its employees regardless of location or background. The standards base on these core values:

  • Internationally proclaimed human rights

  • Ethical and legal behavior

  • Fair, courteous and respectful treatment of employees

  • Professionalism

This Code is applied to TM’s managers on each level and employees. All employees must adhere to the principles and requirement contained in this code and should consult the code for guidance when acting on behalf of TM.

2. Working Principles 

The most valuable asset that TM has is the Reputation and corporate brand that has been created in consequence of successful operations in its long history. In order to protect and improve the reputation of TM; basic business principles  listed below must be followed by all TM employees.

2.1. Honesty

TM sees accuracy, transparency and high work ethic values above everything. TM, expects the same values from all parties whom it works together, trusts them and expects them to trust to TM in return.

TM, as one of Turkey’s most reliable and reputable organization, does not behave in a manner which undermines mutual trust in business relationship against business partners, employees, suppliers, competitors, environment, society and humanity.

2.2. Confidentiality

Confidential information can be defined as information which is unknown by third parties, can cause a loss for company and/or its shareholders or may be utilized by others if it is known. Furthermore financial, strategic, technical, commercial, employee’s personal rights, subjects enacted within nondisclosure agreement with third parties are also considered as confidential information.

2.3. Fair Working Environment

TM, where ever it operates, believes in people’s rights and freedoms and supports them.

In this respect, under no circumstance, TM does not discriminate people’s ethnic origin, sex, race, nationality, economic status, religion and other beliefs. This is valid at recruitment and promotion, working environment, relationships with clients, suppliers and partners as well.

3. Environment

TM aims to implement its operations without harming the environment. In order to protect natural life and prevent pollution, TM;

  • Carries out the waste management programs,

  • Ensures that energy is used efficiently for a sustainable environment,

  • Increases the useage of recyclable resources,

  • Shows necessary effort in order to reduce natural resources consumption,

  • Daily follows environmental legislation, takes necessary actions by assessing the conformity,

  • Informs employees, clients, suppliers and general public in relation to rasing awareness on environmental issue

4. Occupational Health ve Safety

  • In TM, “No job is important and urgent as much as putting employees’ life safety and health in jeopardy.”

  • TM sets measurable goals by putting the philosophy of “Zero accident and injury” on the top of all working plans in order to prevent/minimize occupational accidents and diseas

  • All employees are subject to continous training in relation to health and saf All employees are to abide by the health and safety regulations.

5. Relations with Stakeholders

  • Protect the rights and interests of shareholders, as provided for within the laws;

  • Show maximum effort to create value in return for the resources provided by shareholders, distribute dividends to shareholders or channel these resources into investment;

  • Ensure that all matters regarding group companies that must be disclosed to shareholders and the public are announced fully, promptly and accurately;

  • Make sure that the Group companies are managed within the framework of the same principles of trust and integrity with which they have been managed since the establishment of the TM, and to target sustainable growth and profitability and manage company resources, assets and company time in the awareness of bringing about efficiency.

5.1. Relations with the Governmental Bodies

  • Comply with regulations of the countries in which operations are conducted or contemplated;

  • Manage, record and report all operations and accounting systems precisely and in compliance with the laws.

5.2. Social Responsibility

  • Support efforts that will contribute to economic and social development;

  • Be sensitive to matters that interest society and support efforts to improve the community;


5.3. Customer Relations

  • Create value for customers and meet their needs and demands at the highest level;

  • Produce quality goods and services and adopt consistent policies;

  • Create an environment of long-term trust in our relations with customers;

  • Target becoming the preferred brand of customers by increasing customer satisfaction in sales and after-sales;

  • Refrain from giving customers misleading or deficient information.

6. Insider Trading

Employees are required to refrain from using or conveying to third parties any and every kind of confidential information belonging to TM, or from engaging an attempt to obtain commercial gain from the direct or indirect purchase or sale of securities relying on such confidential information. TM cannot be held responsible for employee behaviors that do not comply with this code. Employees who do not comply will be personally responsible. Besides, employees must be in full awareness that doing so is a violation of the law. Furthermore, acting incongruously to this clause is against employees’ labour agreement, such an act must under no circumstances be executed.

Notification of Ethical Violation

For questions or to raise any concerns regarding possible violations, you may directly contact the Ethics Representative through the following, mail, telephone or online form available at contact page.

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