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TM & HESPERUS in line with our growth targets in the food and beverage industry, we have made franchise agreements with the brands AYSU BÖREK and ESPRESSOLAP.


AYSU BÖREK is a brand that aims to produce traditional Turkish cuisine flavors without compromising quality and hygiene standards. With this goal, it is an important representative of Turkish cuisine culture and also prioritizes customer satisfaction. We look forward to AYSU BÖREK contributing to our growth targets with its strong brand awareness and wide product range.


ESPRESSOLAP is one of Turkey's most innovative coffee chains. It aims to offer world gourmet coffee culture to its customers by taking the understanding of quality and taste to the highest level. It aims to be one of the indispensable addresses of coffee lovers with its carefully selected and specially roasted coffees. With the franchise agreement we made with the ESPRESSOLAP brand, we have the opportunity to appeal to a wide customer base as well as coffee enthusiasts.


We believe that we will make a difference in the sector by combining the strong image of AYSU BÖREK and ESPRESSOLAP brands and the service approach focused on customer satisfaction with TM. Thanks to these innovative steps, we will achieve a rising momentum by exceeding our customers' expectations. You are invited to embark on a journey full of quality and taste, discovering the dynamic and innovative ecosystem of AYSU BÖREK and ESPRESSOLAP brands.

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